Find out latest requirements and register Grab Driver today and start earning with your car. All new drivers are required to register their driver application online via the form below. Registration admins will be assigned by Grab to simplify the process of your application process. 

All registration process will begin within 24-hours (Monday – Friday) after form submission. Click the SIGN UP NOW button below to begin your registration process.

  • Up to RM300 Cash reimbursement for new applicants
  • Part Time & Full Time available
  • Grab Hub/Grab GDC Verification NOT Required. (NEW)
  • PSV With Grab is FREE (available for first time applicants only)
  • Online documents checking and verification.
  • Petrol Vouchers available for new applicants.

Introduction On Grab

Grab Holdings Inc., commonly known as Grab, is a multinational ride-hailing company started in Malaysia and currently based in Singapore. It now operates in the Southeast and East Asian countries of Singapore, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Grab has been one of the most popular part-time job in Malaysia since 2015. Many Malaysians have registered due to its flexibility in time and location. Drivers able to online anytime and anywhere they want.

More than 300,000 Malaysian citizens has registered as GrabCar driver to generate side-income on their free time.

What is GrabCar?

GrabCar is a service provided by Grab to transport passengers from point A to point B with private vehicles.

Driving for Grab gives you the flexibility to drive when you want. Just switch on the Grab Driver app and your private vehicle will be connected to riders who request a ride. It’s a simple and extremely flexible way to boost your income.


Why Drive GrabCar?

grab driver register


Increase your income with GrabShare by earning two fares in a single trip!


Choose when, and how long to work. Drive smart to maximise earnings with minimal time commitment.


Meet new people and build new contacts while boosting your income!


Enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards through our GrabAllStars Rewards Programme.

What Do Our Drivers Have To Say?

Grab Driver Requirement

Car Requirement

Car Manufactured year 2010 and above with 4 doors.

Registration Cities

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Kedah, Perlis, Pahang, Perak, Kelantan, Kuala Terengganu,Pulau Pinang, Sabah and Sarawak.

Handphone Requirement

Android 4.1 or IOS 10.0 Smartphone

Driving License

Minimum 21-Years Old With Valid Driving License D or DA (P License NOT ACCEPTED)

You can be a Grab driver if you met the following requirements :

  • Malaysian Citizen aged 21-69 years old (Blue MyKad/MyTentera)
  • Full Malaysian Driving License (P License is NOT accepted)
  • Must use own personal Bank Account created under NRIC
  • Able to communicate in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Check car is not on the rejected Grabcar list
  • Has no existing medical condition that may render him/her unfit to drive
  • Clean background check:
  • No Criminal Record (Police/Court)
  • Not more than 3 traffic summons in recent one year (Including speeding, hit and run, dangerous driving and etc)

Grab Driver Registration Login

How to login my Grab Driver app?

  1. Click SIGN UP and check the required documents for registration.
  2. Fill up and submit the registration form.
  3. Send your details to your registration admin via WhatsApp.
  4. Follow and comply instructions and steps sent by your registration admin.


When can I login Grab Driver app?

  1. When you have completed your registration. Your registration admin will send your a note and registration status. Whole process may take up to 4-weeks due to multi-government agencies verification.
  2. Once your account is processed and activated. You will receive two SMSes which is Approval and Activation.
  3. Your account will be successfully activated once you have received the two SMSes above.
  4. Your free Grab Credit will be credited to your Credit Wallet. Your EVP number will be stated in your Driver Profile.


Drivers who obtain their Public Service Vehicle (PSV) License via JPJ-certified driving institutes in Malaysia are entitled to claim RM100 from Grab. (Refer to your registration admins for more info)

All newly activated Grab drivers are eligible to claim RM20 for PSV card, RM80 for JPJ medical examination and RM70 for Puspakom E-Hailing inspection.

Cost of EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) RM115 will be covered by Grab as well.


What are the requirements to be a GrabCar driver?
  • Malaysian Citizen (Blue MyKad/MyTentera Only)
  • Minimum age of 21-69 years old,
  • 4-doors car manufactured year 2010 and above.
  • Full Competent Driving License D/DA (P/L NOT accepted)
Do I have to pay for GrabCar registration?
GrabCar registration processing is free. Our registration admins will never request any payment from drivers via WhatsApp or SMS. 

However for payments like PSV License, Puspakom inspection, Insurance addon. Drivers are ADVISED to pay over-the-counter the driving institutes or Puspakom website to avoid scam issues. Refer to your registration admins for driving institutes registered with JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Malaysia).

What are the current vehicle requirements to register?

There are different types of services on GrabCar to cater to every passengers’ needs. Each service has its own set of fares as well as requirements to be on that service type; such as the car model, driver’s performance, etc.

Rejected Car Models

  • Perodua Kelisa
  • Perodua Viva
  • Perodua Kancil
  • Perodua Kembara
  • Perodua Kenari
  • Inokom Atos (Old model 2007-2010)
  • Inokom Matrix
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Proton Wira
  • Proton Iswara
  • Proton Gen 2
  • Proton Savvy
  • Proton Satria Neo (2 Doors)
  • Proton Waja (Only rejected in Sabah)
  • Kia Spectra/Naza Spectra
  • Kia Sutera/Naza Sutera
  • Kia Picanto/Naza Picanto(Old model 2007-2010)
  • Honda CR-Z (2 Doors)
  • Hyundai Getz (Old model 2007-2010)
  • Hyundai i10 (Old model 2007-2010)
  • Chevrolet Aveo (Old model 2007-2010)
  • Changan Era CM8
  • 2 Doors Vehicles
  • Taxi vehicles / Personal Advertised vehicles

*If your car model is NOT listed in this Rejected Cars List, it means it is currently accepted in Grab.

**Vehicles manufactured in 15-years and below will be accepted until further notice from the relevant parties. Existing driver-partners may continue with their current registered vehicles until further notice as well.

***4WD (Hilux, Trition, Ranger, Navara) and vehicles registered under company ARE NOT eligible to register under the Ministry Of Transport and APAD regulation. 

The addition or removal of car model is subjected to Grab’s discretion. All decisions made by Grab are final and binding.


How flexible it is to be a GrabCar driver?

Grab operates 24-hour 7-days a week. Drivers able to be online and drive at anytime based on their own schedule. Drivers are not bound to any work schedule by Grab. The minimum requirement to maintain an active account is 1 trip every 6 months.

Refer to your registration admin for more information.

What is the average income of a GrabCar driver like?

On average, driver able to generate RM20-40 per hour depends on the demand. Average income varies from time to time.

It is totally up to the driver how much they want to generate for the week.

More information on PSV License, E-Hailing Insurance, PUSPAKOM & EVP)

12th October 2019 onwards, all E-hailing drivers are required by law to have PSV License (Public Service Vehicle) under category Teksi/Kereta Sewa/E-hailing.

Every vehicles registered for Grab and other e-hailing purposes must have E-Hailing Insurance and EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit)

After you have submitted via the registration form in this website, our admin will assist you on your PSV license and Grab EVP application.

Find out more information on PSV License via the link below

Can I register with a car that doesn’t belong to me? (Eg: Wife’s car, Family member’s car)

Yes you can. GrabCar drivers are allowed to operate with cars not under their ownership with the terms below:


  • Registered car must be owned by Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • The GrabCar driver’s name must be stated inside the insurance covernote.
I worked for Grab before. I was a GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabBIke, GrabExpress, GrabTaxi operator. What should I do?

If you have driven for GrabCar/Grab Food/ Grab Bike/Grab Express/ Grab Taxi before.

You DO NOT have to register again. Call Existing Driver Support 0327881300 to appeal and reactivate your account. Existing drivers can access to their profile via Grab Driver app. 

I do not have a car right now. Can I register?

Currently, we only accept drivers with own vehicle.

We do not provide car rental services due to EVP (E-Hailing Vehicle Permit) complications, currently we are only able to process drivers registered with their own personal/private car.

I only have a motorcycle. Can I register for Grab?

Yes you can. For motorcycle riders in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, you can opt for GrabFood and GrabExpress Rider.

Check below link for more information:
Register GrabFood And GrabExpress Rider

For Enquiries:
Name: Grab Authorised Alpha Drivers